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Four star review for my book from the Mail on Sunday!

The Mail on Sunday has reviewed my book, Speechwriting: The Expert Guide, in today’s paper. I’m absolutely THRILLED that they’ve given it FOUR STARS (one more than they’ve given Simon Winchester’s new book).

You can download the full review from but here are some of the highlights:

‘Whether you wish to write speeches yourself or just want to know how to deconstruct the words of others, Lancaster’s superbly written guide will prove invaluable.’

‘Pithy and informative insider’s guide to the art of getting one’s message across.’

‘One fascinating gem to emerge from this book is just how little things have changed in the past 2,000 years.’

It took me five years to write Speechwriting: The Expert Guide. It finally feels worthwhile…

Posted by Simon Lancaster on October 24th, 2010 :: Filed under Random
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