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Gordon is not a moron

My inbox has been buzzing this morning following the Guardian’s revelation that Number 10 paid the Washington-based speechwriting consultancy, West Wing Writers, £4,300 for advising on his speech to Congress.

In case it’s been forgotten, this speech represented one of Mr Brown’s few highs in a truly miserable year; a rare moment of real power.

Instead of being criticised for using expert speechwriters, Number 10 should be lauded for achieving incredible value-for-money.

Look at the phenomenal coverage and influence which this single speech won UK plc (not to mention GB, the man).

Then compare that pound for pound against the hundreds of thousands which can be spent on new websites, strategies or events.

Speeches might not be as sexy as viral marketing campaigns or other mass comms fads but, when it comes to value and impact, they win hands-down.

Speechwriting is a specialist art requiring specialist skills. Maybe the guys at Number 10 would have discovered the great uses of antithesis, anaphora and asyndeton which this speech demonstrates on their own, but maybe not.

Good on Brown for bringing in experts, good on West Wing Writers for winning the business and good on all of them for producing a blinding speech. Let’s see more like this!

Posted by Simon Lancaster on November 4th, 2009 :: Filed under Random
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2 Responses to “Gordon is not a moron”

  1. Martin Shovel
    November 19th, 2009

    Hi Simon,

    I couldn’t agree more! Like you, I think Gordon got himself a real bargain.

    Keep waving the flag!


  2. Max Atkinson
    November 19th, 2009

    I was fascinated to hear about this, as I’d suggested Brown had new speechwriters just after his speech to Congress - at & - so very good to see a hunch confirmed!

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