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PM for PM ponders former PM

Tony Blair is supposed to have given a speech today backing Gordon Brown. However, having read the speech, that’s not quite the impression I’m getting.

The theme of the speech is exposed in the opening paragraph:

‘I’m optimistic about Britain - provided we take the right decisions, imbued with the right attitude of mind.

‘The right attitude of mind?’ Now THAT’s not something that’s said often about our Prime Minister. Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue? But then he develops the theme.

‘This is not just about policy, but mindset. Who gets the future? Who understands the way the world is changing and can be comfortable in it? Who sees the excitement where others see the fear?

Mindset? Brown?! ‘Comfortable?’ Brown? ‘Excited?’ Brown? ‘Getting the future?’ Brown? Shurely shome mishtake! This CAN’T be Gordon Brown. So, who on earth CAN he mean?And then, he puts us out of our misery…

The New Industries, New Jobs paper from Peter Mandelson, for me, correctly identifies the right judicious mix of Government and market. It represents a vision of how Britain can do well and how individuals and families can do better. It’s a platform for the hope of prosperity to come.’


And, as for that rousing call to vote Labour… well, the ’endorsement’ in the peroration could scarcely be less resounding.

‘This country faces big challenges in the future. I want this party to be the one able to meet those challenges. This country needs strong leadership. I want our leadership to be the one that gives it. There is still vast potential and promise in our nation. I want our government to the one that develops it. I want a future fair for all. I believe a 4th term Labour Government can deliver it.’

‘I want! I want! I want! I want!’

What do you want, Tony?

Posted by Simon Lancaster on March 30th, 2010 :: Filed under Random
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