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You Tube if you want to. The video’s not for watching.

Obama’s election has sparked a new enthusiasm for social media. All across Whitehall, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are being declared the panacea  to political disillusionment.  The argument is that as Generation X watches YouTube, all politicians have to do is put their videos on YouTube and Generation X will see them.

But many are only getting a couple of dozen views. From the look of these glitzy productions, this can’t represent value.

Nor can it be claimed that they are a sincere effort at promoting engagement? In most cases the “comments” option has been disabled.

The most viewed political speech is Brown’s 2008 party conference speech, with 30,000 views. But 900,000 people have tuned in to watch Guido’s footage of Brown picking his nose.

Yes, Obama’s speeches on YouTube pull in 5 million views. But they’re great speeches. It’s the man and message that matters, not the medium. Or, as Bill Clinton might have said, “It’s the content, stupid”.

Posted by Simon Lancaster on March 18th, 2009 :: Filed under Persuasion
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